About Us

To establish solution suitable for your particular needs at value for money cost and hence maximise your business potential.

History and Now.
Ureka.biz was established since 2002 providing web development and internet marketing solution for local business need. We are now diversify our business by providing developer solution for webdesigner,webmaster, small or medium industry companies.

What is Developer Solution
If you are hiring web designer/webmaster or looking for us to handle your web development solution. Those required a strong and reliable platform to work and published the work online. We provide that platform to ease the work. Our product come with complete Linux solution starts from ample storage capacity to robust web solution features with emails, blog, portal, build in site design and last but not least the programming/database platform.

Value Add
Beside the web development solution, being an Authorised TM Reseller we have a capability to provide Broadband and Business Solution to all our customers Individual, Small or medium industries.

Our Company
Ureka Solution (NS0048882-V) is based in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Operating online business. We are proud to serve our business locally for their International appearance. Our core value is to provide solid local support to all your needs on Total Internet and Telecommunication Solution.

Core Business
Halal product marketing and solution across any type of product range.